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Posted by Ryan Deelon in Uncategorized on Jan 22
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    Hot High School 

(Video) Actors Dramatically Read Justin Bieber “Sorry” Lyrics

Posted by hayley in Blog on Feb 11

Jon Hamm, Nick Jonas and Don Cheadle are among the 29 celebrities who dramatically read the lyrics to Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” in a new video for Vanity Fair.  The video shows the actors taking their role as a brokenhearted 21-year-old very seriously as they read lyrics. Check it out above!

(News) 5 Things You Need To Know- February 11, 2016

Posted by hayley in Blog on Feb 11

1. Republicans Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina have both dropped out of the presidential race. Christie had finished in 6th place in New Hampshire and Fiorina came in second to last among all candidates.

2. A replica of the Titanic is currently under construction and is scheduled to set sail in 2018. Australian tycoon and politician Clive Palmer is funding the project, which will recreate the luxury ship with modifications such as the presence of enough lifeboats to accommodate all passengers.

3. Renters in Portland are calling for more to be done to solve the housing crisis. Speakers at a hearing told the City Council’s Housing Committee that Portland should consider rent control, banning no-cause evictions, and prohibiting landlords from refusing to rent to people on housing assistance.

4. A bill that gives Maine prosecutors the ability to pursue a 10-year prison sentence for out-of-state heroin traffickers advanced despite arguments that proving drug importation in court is difficult.The Maine Drug Enforcement Agency and other supporters of the bill said the threat of longer prison sentences will act as a deterrent to drug traffickers operating here.

5. Today is Make a Friend Day! This day offers the perfect opportunity to begin a new friendship.

(Video) Funny Or Die Presents Donald Trump’s The Art Of The Deal: The Movie

Posted by hayley in Blog on Feb 11

Funny or Die released a 50-minute fake biopic about the life of Donald Trump in which he is played by Johnny Depp. It’s called The Art of the Deal and it’s being described as “The New Film (Not) Based on the #1 National Bestselling Book by Donald Trump”. Check it out at here!


Photo courtesy of AP Images

(Music) Kanye Reveals What “T.L.O.P. Stands For Along With Final Track List

Posted by hayley in Music on Feb 11


T.L.O.P. = The Life of Pablo! Check out the final track list above!

(Contest) Win Tickets To Kanye West’s Album & Yeezy Season 3 Premiere

Posted by hayley in Contests on Feb 10

Listen all day for your chance to win tickets to Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 3 screening & new album premiere at the Regal Brunswick 10 tomorrow!

A grand prize winner will also score a package of Yeezy merchandise!

Photo courtesy of AP Images

(News) 5 Things You Need To Know- February 10, 2016

Posted by hayley in Blog on Feb 10

1. Yesterday in the New Hampshire primary, Trump won for the Republicans with 35% of the votes and Sanders won for the Democrats with 60% of the votes. The next primaries will be held on February 20th in Nevada and South Carolina.

2. Governor Paul LePage says Donald Trump should give him a stipend or a bonus “for starting this whole thing about being outspoken.” He then referred to a couple of recent remarks saying he had to “scream at the top of my lungs about black dealers” and talk about using the guillotine on drug dealers to get the attention of lawmakers.

3. In South Portland, a group called The Locker Project are making sure students don’t go hungry during February vacation next week. They are a nonprofit that helps stock shelves at food pantries inside Maine schools. 40% of students in South Portland schools receive free or reduced-price lunches and when the school day is done, so are the meals.

4. A closely divided Supreme Court put on hold the Obama administration’s climate change effort aimed at restricting greenhouse gas emissions by power plants. It was not a ruling on the merits of whether the Obama administration has the authority to implement the plan, but rather puts the plan on hold while the litigation proceeds.

5. Target has announced a new, gender neutral home collection for kids. The chain’s new collection does not explicitly define items as “girl” or “boy,” but as “whimsical themes” that “kids can mix and match.” Months ago, Target announced they were moving away from gender-based signage on displays in the toys, bedding and entertainment departments.

…and you should also know that it’s tax season! 5 Things You Need To Know is made Hot in Maine by Liberty Tax on Main Street in Sanford! Call Joanna today at 805-6400!

(Video) Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Perform White Privilege II

Posted by Hot 104.7 Maine in Blog,Music on Feb 09

Last night Macklemore & Ryan Lewis joined the Stephen Colbert show to perform their recently released and powerful song “White Privilege II”. It’s a strong performance on a black set with several guests vocals and performers.

(Music) Kanye West Changes Album Name…Again

Posted by hayley in Music on Feb 09

Kanye’s upcoming album, which is to be released on Thursday, has gone through several name changes, but this one comes with a twist! He says whoever can figure out what the new title, T.L.O.P., stands for will win tickets to Season 3 and free Yeezys. Put your thinking caps on!


Photo courtesy of AP Images

(News) 5 Things You Need To Know- February 9, 2016

Posted by hayley in Blog on Feb 09

1. Governor Paul LePage wrote his State of the State address in a letter to legislators. Besides referring to legislators as “socialists” multiple times, he speaks on his goals which include reforming welfare, lowering the income tax and energy costs, reducing student loan debt and fighting the drug crisis. Read the whole address here!

2. The New Hampshire primary is being held today. Currently in the polls, Trump is in the lead for Republicans and Sanders is in the lead for Democrats. You can follow the polls here!

3. Senator King announced Maine will be receiving $640,000 in federal funding to help strengthen our economy. Part of the funding will go toward building a Natural Resource Business Seed Capital Fund to help rural business development. The remainder of the funding will go toward the Top Gun Program, which finds entrepreneurs and sets them up with mentors who help them establish their products.

4. Today is National Pizza Day! This day is best celebrated by grabbing a slice of cheesy pizza!

5. Many delays today due to the snow, including Acton, Biddeford, Cheverus, Saco, and Sanford. You can see a full list of delays and closings here!

…and you should also know that it’s tax season! 5 Things You Need To Know is made Hot in Maine by Liberty Tax on Main Street in Sanford! Call Joanna today at 805-6400!


(Video) Bernie Sanders Joins Larry David On SNL

Posted by hayley in Uncategorized on Feb 08

On this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live, Bernie Sanders and, frequent impersonator, Larry David teamed-up for the first time ever. Check it out above!

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