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(Music Video) John Legend ft. Chance The Rapper – “Penthouse Floor”

[Image Source: AP Images]

John Legend let’s you take a walk on the luxurious side, but not from the perspective you might expect.

Playing the role of a hotel employee, Legend uses this video to highlight the social and racial divide happening within the country. Throughout the video, you can find references to Donald Trump (specifically the infamous red MAGA hats), Colin Kaepernick, Black Lives Matter, and more. While the Penthouse Floor is initially reserved for the higher ups, as symbolism for the divide, eventually everybody makes their way to the top to bond and come together over the one thing that truly has the power to do so: music. I mean, come on…..you’re playing yourself if you say you don’t enjoy John Legend on the piano. Although Chance doesn’t physically make an appearance in the video, he delivers with a witty and quirky verse to round the song out.

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