Home Blog (5TYNTK) Thursday, March 8, 2018 – International Women’s Day

(5TYNTK) Thursday, March 8, 2018 – International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day. This day is all about celebrating the incredible women in your life and showing them how much you love, respect and value them.

1. The two highest IQ scores in recorded history belong to women.

2. Women are safer drivers than men. They are involved in fewer road accidents and have fewer penalty points on their license. Some 57 percent of male drivers have been involved in at least one accident compared to 44 percent of women

3. On average, women live two to five years longer than men, a fact which holds true in every country in the world. This isn’t limited to human beings. Female orangutans and chimpanzees also outlive their male counterparts.

4. Women tolerate pain better than men. An episode of the show MythBusters showed that women can hold their hands in freezing water 19 percent longer than men.

5. Women make better leaders than men. Research has concluded that female-led companies are more successful than ones led by males. A poll found that the public agrees–women make fairer, more compassionate and more trustworthy leaders than men do. A Canadian study also concluded that women make better doctors. It said female medics are much more likely than men to adhere to guidelines and to prescribe the right drugs.


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