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(MaineWinner) Secret Santa Week #1 | Brenda from Westbrook

Congratulations to our Week #1 Morong Mazda Hot 104.7 Secret Santa winner, Brenda from Westbrook. She tracked down our first Santa, Hannah, at her place of employment Thursday at 2:25pm. Here’s how the clues broke down…

MONDAY 7:20AM – The Secret Santa works in the county named for the son of George. (Cumberland County – named for William, Duke of Cumberland, a son of King George II)
MONDAY 5:20PM – The Secret Santa is 1,625.6 millimeters tall. (Hannah is 5’4″)

TUESDAY 7:20AM – The Secret Santa was born in the same year as Logan Paul. (Hannah was born in 1995)
TUESDAY 5:20PM – The Secret Santa shares their hair color with Shipyard’s Waterfront Ale. (Waterfront Ale is a blonde ale. Hannah has blonde hair.)

WEDNESDAY 7:20AM – The Secret Santa has 2x chromosomes. (Females have two X chromosomes per cell. Males have and X and a Y chromosome. Hannah is Female)
WEDNESDAY 5:20PM – The Secret Santa works in the city that we represented for Hot High School last week. (South Portland High was last week’s Hot High School. Hannah works in So Po.)

THURSDAY 7:20AM – The Secret Santa sells the same product that Kanye did before he got famous. (Kanye worked at the gap and sold clothes. Hannah sells clothes at Plato’s Closet)

These are all the clues Brenda from Westbrook needed to win her $1,000. Just for fun, here’s what the remaining clues would have been…

THURSDAY 5:20PM – The Secret Santa believes that one person’s trash is another’s treasure. (Hannah works at Plato’s Closet, a secondhand clothing store.)

FRIDAY 7:20AM – The Secret Santa’s work also has a location in Manchester, NH. (Plato’s Closet has a location in Manchester.)
FRIDAY 5:20PM – The Secret Santa has organized a philosopher’s closet. (Plato was a philosopher. Hannah works at Plato’s Closet.)

New Morong Mazda Hot 104.7 Secret Santa hits the streets of Southern Maine on 11/13 with another $1,000.  Listen for clues weekdays at 7:20AM w/ Ryan & Krissy and 5:20PM w/ Hayley. Clues will be posted on IG, Twitter, and FB 10 minutes later. Use the clues. Find the Secret Santa. Be the first to ask him or her the correct question, exactly as it is here – “Are you the Morong Mazda Hot 104.7 Secret Santa?” and WIN $1000.

This year we’re looking to spread the wealth to all new faces!!! Previous winners (from this year, or prior years) of the Hot 104.7 Secret Santa are ineligible to win the Hot 104.7 Secret Santa contest. Full Contest Rules Here.

The Hot 104.7 Secret Santa contest is made Hot in Maine by Morong Falmouth Mazda. The price is always right at MorongMazda.com.

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