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(Music) Bazzi is Trapped in Hell in Space

Okay, ya’ll. Bazzi dropped a music video for his single “Beautiful.” Let’s analyze, shall we?

Overall, the video was a mix of roman statues, roman architecture, and visuals from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.

The basic synopsis is Bazzi is trapped in a very colorful and bright hell while an angel is above him. The video shifts from him to the angel interspersed with statues and flashbacks of the couple. At the end of the video, the angel leaves her perch and meets up with Bazzi in what appears to be the inside of a volcano.

On a deeper level, the video represents forbidden love. Bazzi was a dark angel who fell in love with a light angel and they couldn’t be together. Bazzi was imprisoned for their love and his wings were stripped from him (Aw, sad). But despite their forbidden love, his heavenly-angel girlfriend demoted herself to hell to be with Bazzi. Super cute.

Make sure to catch Bazzi live at our Hot Summer 2018 concert where he’ll be performing “Beautiful” as well as other hits from his debut album Cosmic. 

Check out the video below:

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